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Sticky Topic   Wondering what to get and just don't know?

January 12, 2010

So your looking into playing paintball and just don't know what to get?

First of all lets start by saying that not all paintball guns are the same.

Just start a new topic asking for help. Then post your price budget and what kind of play your doing and we'll give you all suggestions.

Started By: Pete

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Last Post: Jun 13, 2010 by Vegas Ninja

No New Posts   looking for a group of people to play with.

April 19, 2014

hey guys me and my buddy just got into paintball recently. Looking for some new people to play with. Would like to do scenario but I'm down for whatever. Hit me up if you guys want to get involved. Once a week on Saturdays would be the best for me. If we can get enough people would like to find a place to play woodsball in Las Vegas. Feel free to email me at rally07sti@gmail.com

Started By: rally

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Last Post: Apr 19, 2014 by rally

No New Posts   Embassy Abuja Hotels

February 19, 2014

Summerset Continental Hotels Group Abuja Hotels is creating a network of selected boutique hotels that are exclusive in Abuja and Nigeria. Summerset .Continental Hotels group is more than boutique hotels, each property reflects the ideas of visionary hotelier, Suleiman Idris; someone with . The passion for genuine hospitality and contemporary design authenticity and groundbreaking architecture. We offer two of the finest. Hotels in Abuja Properties in Abuja, located in Maitama and Asokoro districts, our hotel rooms remain in the vicinity of Transcorp offices and with very.  Close distance to the Embassy Areas. A warm and friendly welcome awaits guests who want to experience the best of Nigerian hospitality. The hotel has been designed for business travellers, diplomatic delegation, Embassy Abuja Hotels elite and leisure travelers in mind. It has amenities of convenience. Whilst offering a high standard of luxury. Each property feature all day dining and one lounge bar. Our Chefs creatively prepare exotic and delicious meals with fresh and natural ingredients giving guests a flavor of Embassy Abuja Hotels both Nigerian and International Cuisine. The Hotel Groups comprehend its wealth of expertise in the tourism industry, and is committed in consolidating that experience into great location, great.

Started By: fathebad

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Last Post: Mar 5, 2014 by BIG C

No New Posts   Cookies Suppliers in india

February 19, 2014

The MMX bakery is a Cookies suppliers unit of Mansingh Group of Hotels located in MMX Mall, Ghaziabad. We have been in the hospitality and F&B business Cookies suppliers in india since 1970. The MMX bakery was established in 2010. In the shortest period of time we have come to serve some of India’s best known retailers. Our marquee client list includes both international and domestic brands such as Walmart, Metro- Cash and Carry, Reliance, Nestle, IRCTC and others. We aspire to serve a global audience, and continuously aim for excellence in product and client service. This we strive to attain by maintaining a level of innovation and originality which sets the brand apart from many of its competitors. He MMX Bakery is committed to a policy of quality Cookies Suppliers in india assurance throughout all activities in order to maintain its commitment to all stakeholders.

Started By: fathebad

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Last Post: Mar 5, 2014 by BIG C

No New Posts   Swaraj Mazda Parts

February 19, 2014

BP Impex was established with the vision to be a leading provider of spare parts, globally. Our range includes engine and suspension spare . Parts for passenger and commercial models. We specialize in after market parts for Leyland, Tata Motors, Mercedes Benz, Man and Volvo (commercial vehicles) and Ford, Hyundai, Toyota, Tata, Suzuki and Honda (passenger vehicles) B.P. Impex has its roots in its retail operation, Paulco Motors. The company has been serving the logistics industry for over 35 years, therefore has the experience to judge quality parts and how to meet Swaraj Mazda Parts customer expectations. B.P. Impex aims to provide the same satisfaction level to overseas clients that Paulco. Motors has given to local companies of North India. With over 30 years of experience in complete range of spare parts for Tata passenger and commercial vehicles and Ashok Leyland commercial vehicles, BP Impex is one of the well known exporters for both genuine and after market parts.  We stock parts for. With our growing exports for TATA and Leyland in more than 15 countries today, we have also started maintaining a complete range for Mahindra Spare Parts. Mahindra’s SUVs, Pick Ups, LCVs are being exported to Africa, Americas, Europe, Middle East and the Asia Pacific and you can rely on BP Impex for the Genuine and Aftermarket spares of these vehicles. BP Impex is one of the leading. company in manufacturing and supplying of the finest Engine Parts India quality range of Spares for Earth Moving Machinery Parts.

Started By: fathebad

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Last Post: Mar 5, 2014 by BIG C

No New Posts   Website Designing Company in Delhi

February 19, 2014

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Started By: fathebad

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Last Post: Mar 5, 2014 by BIG C

No New Posts   Projector Headlights India

February 19, 2014

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Started By: fathebad

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Last Post: Mar 5, 2014 by BIG C

No New Posts   Website Designing Company in Abu Dhabi

February 19, 2014

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Started By: fathebad

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Last Post: Mar 5, 2014 by BIG C

No New Posts   Content Writer In Delhi

February 19, 2014

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Started By: fathebad

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Last Post: Mar 5, 2014 by BIG C

No New Posts   Network Design Optimisation Architecture

February 19, 2014

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Started By: fathebad

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Last Post: Mar 5, 2014 by BIG C

No New Posts   Carrier Grade Solution

February 19, 2014

These days, Element Management Systems and Network Management Systemsrequire a scalable, reliable and highly  available. management solutions with an advanced suite of features.  Nocvue helps clients attain their business objectives in the rapidly changing.Networking market. The professional service provides system engineering, implementation and custom application development services, as well. As consulting services for software architecture and model development. Nocvue serves a diverse range of enterprise IT, networking and. Telecom customers. Velankani Communications Technologies, the parent company of Nocvue’s provides the consulting and  engineering services to.  Support Nocvue products and related offerings. Nocvue’s service is completely customer benefits oriented. It aims at providing more and more. Positive output at an affordable price. The support team is always open for any assistance. The framework includes feature like accelerated time-to-market, flexibility and extensive customization capabilities, scalability, user friendly GUI, cost effective solution, rapid. Integration of new devices and services, SNMP standards compliant, comprehensive functionality ,vendor specific. Configuration screens, chassis views etc. Networking equipment vendors Carrier Grade Solution and other management solution providers can rely on Nocvue for building OEM software for Network management such as Element Management Systems and Network Management Systems. In a recent highly competitive market of networking, Nocvue holds a dominating position among EMS Companies and NMS Companies. Occasionally, it becomes a hassling task for the network Equipment manufacturers and operators to evaluate, purchase and integrate sets of new software tools which are effortlessly customisable for managing their kit in a network environs. Nocvue  has made the whole process easy, user friendly and time saving  With Nocvue, the vendors.

Started By: fathebad

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Last Post: Mar 5, 2014 by BIG C

No New Posts   Ivf Treatment Clinic India

February 19, 2014

Babyjoy was formed by a couple who have Ivf Clinic India been through infertility problems, and now we have a complete family. We have been to various clinics in the UK and India. In the UK we have been to Chelsea Westminster, Hillingdon, Cromwell Hospital, Bridge Centre and Holly House in Buckhurst Hill. We had spent alot on IVF treatments and had been unsuccessful. We had also been to Mumbai, Rotunda Clinic and Punjab and still had no success. Finally we decided to go to Delhi and now have our three beautiful children. This is why we have set up Babyjoy, we know the pain and heartache Ivf Treatment Clinic India of going through IVF, and would like couples to know there is light at the end of the tunnel. We are here to help you achieve your dream of having a baby.

Started By: fathebad

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Last Post: Mar 5, 2014 by BIG C

No New Posts   Element Management System

February 19, 2014

We’ve been Engineering Consulting Solutions consulting to telecom equipment manufacturers and service providers for 20 years. Our experience and relationships Element Management System extends your access to a qualified pool of network experts, technologies, advisors and services. Our engineers have a rich history of work in the telecom domain. The breadth of our client pool results in expertise in both in legacy products and leading-edge solutions. Velankani has worked with industry leaders in network management and element management applications across voice, data and wireless networks. Velankani has partnered with premier companies in delivering solutions that were cost-effective and resource-efficient solutions that have helped customers in. Meeting and beating their time-to-market deadlines. Velankani Communications Technologies has provided solutions for telecommunications equipment manufacturers and service providers for over 20 years. Velankani has delivered carrier-grade solutions that are deployed in large. Networks and taken those systems through multiple releases. We understand real network behaviors and possess the subject matter expertise needed to make the appropriate technology, design and tool choices. We develop software and programming solutions for leading-edge network. And element management applications for all networks (voice, data, 3G, 4G, optical, Ethernet, WiFi). Our experience with a wide variety of customer application enables us to offer faster solutions to enhance existing applications or new solutions to speed product development to. Meet compliance and next gen requirements. Unlike most consultants providing programming support, Velankani Communications Technologies is focused exclusively on the telecom industry. Further, our software consultants and programmers are experienced both in creating software. Solutions for you, as well as developing off-the-shelf software Engineering Consulting Solutions to solve problems in the ever-evolving telecom industry.

Started By: fathebad

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Last Post: Feb 19, 2014 by fathebad

No New Posts   Starting over

May 25, 2013

i'm just starting over and want to know where some great places for pick up games are at. its been about 11 or 12 years since i played last until a few weeks ago. 

Started By: Spike

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Last Post: May 31, 2013 by BIG C

No New Posts   Long tine since my last game.

April 15, 2013

I'm just starting to play again for the first time in about 12 years.  The last place that I played at was way on the east side at Las Vegas Paintball's outdoor wooded and speedball field, now closed.

Can anyone tell me where and when a good place is to get gome pick games?  I was at this place by the M but none of the refs  were not letting any walk ups on the fields with a bunch of the groups. What the Duce.


Started By: MasterShake7979

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Last Post: Apr 18, 2013 by DEMONKNIGHT01

No New Posts   Las Vegas Woodsball Fields?

December 3, 2012

I noticed the two "Woodsball" fields mentioned in the forum, O-Town & Camp Haven and also read about a field called Apex. I have a couple questions about them.

1.) I was wondering, are these official fields or renegade fields?

2.) What kind of facilities are around the fields in terms of bathrooms and food/water?

3.) Are either of them run regularly or just a, "hey, we haven't been here in forever, lets get a group together and do this" kind of thing?

4.) If they are run regularly, what days/times/times of year?

5.) Any others around Nevada besides those two?

Sorry for all the questions. Still learning whats what here and I have more interest in Woodsball than Speedball. Just need to get to the right fields!

Started By: TwiztedMatt1007

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Last Post: Dec 8, 2012 by Mikeup04

No New Posts   Buying Paintball markers.

January 25, 2012

Hey, I want to start paintballing and was curious if anyone on here was selling their old gun. Message me please. (: 

Started By: janguiano

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Last Post: Jan 27, 2012 by BIG C

No New Posts   Woodsball newbie

September 7, 2011

I need help which gun to buy and what type of clothes i need. i was thinking about getting a tippman x7 phenom. i am more of a lay back and wait player or "sniper" as some people call it. woodsball is my game not x ball or "fast ball". also do you know of any leauges ofr teams i can join. THANKS!!!!!

Started By: SniperPilotX

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Last Post: Jan 18, 2012 by BIG C

No New Posts   Newb To the 702

January 12, 2012

Hi all,

Just wanted to drop in and say hi, im new to paintball and the 702 but ive been catching on decent. playing alot at CBZ as i dont know anyone to take this to the desert or other areas. So looking forward to getting in on some of the games!


Current setup -

Invert Mini W/ Eigenbolt

Ninja 68/45 tank

Invert too hopper


Edit - Please move to introductions sorry for putting this in the wrong forum.

-- Edited by 07yzryder on Thursday 12th of January 2012 12:24:06 PM

Started By: 07yzryder

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Last Post: Jan 12, 2012 by Pete

No New Posts   new gun

January 13, 2011

i havnt played n awhile. i have a system x auotcocker i like alot. is there any new guns that are good and accurate but not outragously priced???  suggestions???

Started By: lboe34

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Last Post: Jan 13, 2011 by DEMONKNIGHT01

No New Posts   sup guys

November 23, 2010

hey guys just made a account on ur website a guy from bonehead told me to check it out and its nice

i just started paintball a few months ago and it was amazing
got a gun off craigs list and the dude that told me to check out the website fixed it for me

but so far its a blast

Started By: psycho

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Last Post: Nov 24, 2010 by SANCHEZ

No New Posts   What is the Best Pump Marker

May 12, 2010

The best pump marker I can use in scenario games that is affordable  around $200 to $300 range any suggestion.


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Last Post: May 13, 2010 by MIDNITEBLUE

No New Posts   Tournaments

March 11, 2010

couple question about tournaments is a rocker trigger legal? and what are the common rules for them and how do they check it?

Started By: wampa

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Last Post: Mar 29, 2010 by Vegas Ninja

No New Posts   Paintball Pistol?

January 23, 2010

Im looking at the paintball pistols what the best one to buy?
Are they actually worth getting for desert ball games ? i see people use them all the time and do good but are they worth it?

Started By: wampa

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Last Post: Feb 24, 2010 by Vegas Ninja

No New Posts   Air tank

January 24, 2010

what the best cubic and psi ratio for an air tank to buy

Started By: wampa

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Last Post: Feb 9, 2010 by Vegas Ninja

No New Posts   tac 8

February 5, 2010

what calbier can tac 8 Tiberius shoot?

Started By: wampa

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Last Post: Feb 8, 2010 by Pete

No New Posts   how to get faster

January 25, 2010

what can i do to make my fingers faster for the triger

Started By: sanchez4521

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Last Post: Feb 8, 2010 by Vegas Ninja

No New Posts   What does the mask do?

January 23, 2010

okay we have the thermal mask what does it actual do for the game play like what do you see if anyone has one can some one post a youtube video of what actually is seen through the mask or is it even worth getting?

Started By: wampa

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Last Post: Jan 24, 2010 by wampa

No New Posts   help please

January 18, 2010

am thinking of buying a

Planet Eclipse 07 Etek Ego  can some help me is that a good gun for tournaments what r the ups and downs on the gun please help

thank you

-- Edited by sanchez4521 on Monday 18th of January 2010 01:12:28 PM

Started By: sanchez4521

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Last Post: Jan 22, 2010 by THATGuY

No New Posts   What line?

January 21, 2010

okay what the true differences like the advantages and disadvantage of using a tin line stock on cheaper guns and a macroline?

Started By: wampa

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Last Post: Jan 21, 2010 by Sean

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